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...to the HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS) website, created for the HIV EIS workers of Georgia, part of a statewide system of HIV prevention, counseling and testing, and care.


world aids day . . .Have you begun planning for your World AIDS Day event?

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creating a trauma-informed environment

testing way up at oconee

  • Sarah Hogan first worked with HIV-positive clients at a time when an HIV diagnosis was invariably followed by AIDS and death.


stand by me: teamwork among hiveis workers

"Who drops everything on two days notice to show up for an all-day event," asks Nancy Collins, talking about four HIV EIS nurses who drove to Americus to help do HIV testing at a World AIDS Day event.

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clayton nurse taps into the power of community

Jacqueline Higgins has been busy. The new HIV EIS counselor for Clayton Center, who set a target of 100 HIV tests for the quarter, tested 115.

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pineland newcomer off to a great start

Each morning, Shannette Archer-Fann stops by the nurses' station at John's Place to check in. As HIV EIS coordinator for Pineland, she has already posted her monthly schedule, but Fann is meticulous about communication. And when she returns, the nurses ask how many tests she did.

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Grads of Rapid HIV Testing and Prevention Counseling, Part 1- April 2015

Grads of Rapid HIV Testing and Prevention Counseling, Part 2 - January 2015

Grads of Rapid HIV Testing and Prevention Counseling, Part 1 - December 2014

Grads of Rapid HIV Testing & Prevention Counseling -,Part 1 - August, 2014

HIV EIS counselors, training team, and Imagine Hope staff at the Annual Meeting in May, 2014



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