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...to the HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS) website, created for the HIV EIS workers of Georgia, part of a statewide system of HIV prevention, counseling and testing, and care.


National hiv testing day: june 27

More than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV, but one in five do not know they are positive. Early diagnosis and treatment improves health, extends life, and helps prevent the spread of HIV.


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Black Women & HIV: Unveiling the Healing Potential of Relationships

  • "For many women, the need to be in a relationship overrides the need to protect themselves," says clinical psychologist, professor, and sex therapist Gail Wyatt, Ph.D. "All couples need to learn how to talk to each other and be respectful, how to listen and resolve conflicts in ways that keep the relationship alive."


Pearls, Pumps & Purses: breaking the chains of stigma one step at a time

  • "Nearly one in three people being infected with HIV in this country are women, so our annual World AIDS Day even focuses on women," says Debra Wallace of New Beginnings in Thomasville, Georgia.
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world aids day blowout attracts 250+ in americus, georgia

"It was a community extravaganza, says Nanci Collins describing the December World AIDS Day Health Fair. "My philosophy is if you want people to come, you gotta give 'em somehting to do and you gotta feed 'em. We were shooting for a crowd of may 150 but over 250 adults and children attended and we tested 67 people."

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Testing more than doubled by middle georgia CSb

"If I have a friendly conversation rather than ask a lot of questions, people open up," says Mallory Johnson of Quentin's Place in Dublin, Georgia.

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"People get caught up in the cycle of using (drugs) to run from a diagnosis that they fear they have. They're holding their breath. Itt's our job to let them know they don't have to run any more; they can breathe. Whatever the test result, we're going to be there." says Neil Griffith of Advantage Behavioral Health in north Georgia

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NEW COUNSELOR hits the ground running

"This is a passion-driven field," says Juanita Bentley of View Point Health in Gwinnett, Georgia. "And you have to come from a place of caring. It's all about making that connection because when you're talking to someone about their sexual lifestyle, the last they want is to feel judged."

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testing makes us stronger: We have the power to stop HIV.


Studies in major US cities found that nearly 1 in 3 black and bisexual men is HIV+ and the majority (59%) do not know.

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HIV EIS counselors, training team, and Imagine Hope staff at the Annual Conference in May, 2014.



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