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...to the HIV Early Intervention Services (EIS) website, created for the HIV EIS workers of Georgia, part of a statewide system of HIV prevention, counseling and testing, and care.

Health care and the effects of trauma


safer sex skills building: A Manual for HIV/STD Safer Sex Skills Groups for Womein in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Looking for something new to talk about in your HIV educational groups?


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Newport collaborates with clients

  • The top priority for HIV EIS counselors is to help people who are HIV+ get into care.



"I make testing part of the routine," says Sharon Jacobs. "I offer it with the other tests we regularly do. Like high blood pressure or diabetes, everyone needs to their their HIV status."

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pathways nurse has learned to engage clients

"I try to ero in on a client's concerns and I want them to know that whatever they tell me is okay," says Connie Beardsley

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mcintosh coordinator committed to hiv eis

"HIV EIS is the most meaningful part of my work; I'm passionate about it," says Kathy Calderon

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Grads of Rapid HIV Testing and Prevention Counseling, Part 2 - January 2015

Grads of Rapid HIV Testing and Prevention Counseling, Part 1 - December 2014

Grads of Rapid HIV Testing & Prevention Counseling -,Part 1 - August, 2014

HIV EIS counselors, training team, and Imagine Hope staff at the Annual Meeting in May, 2014.



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